Thursday, 11 October 2007

An amazing century

Well its October( the tenth month of the year) the tenth (day), and this is also my 100th posting (10 x 10 =100)!
So to follow a (sort of) blog tradition, I thought I'd try a wee quiz for those of you who can be bothered! Now you may have noticed that I like yarns that are not quite the "run of the mill" , excuse the pun , so I thought I'd do a wee quiz on some slightly different yarns that I have acquired over the years .
Number one - the bright green yarn is NOT from a sheep, WHAT does this yarn come from ?
The pale cream yarn DOES come from a sheep, WHAT TYPE of sheep does it come from ?
I'll wait until Friday 17th October, when I'm back from my hols at Center Parcs, before naming the winners .
And talking of winners, I won two packs of Noro Silver Thaw on ebay today - hurray. Now I have to start my sisters Christmas gift! (if I'm to finish it on time). I was very excited when I got up this morning as the bid ended at some ridiculous hour in the morning (3am!) , and this was when I was gazumped the last time. My email said I had "won" one lot, and had a second chance on the other lot - thank goodness for second chances . So now all I have to do is pay and give feedback.
Talking of feedback, I followed a link from Poshyarns for the podcast on BBC radios 4 Womens' hour, where Jane Brocket was discussing her new book, The Gentle art of Domesticity. Given previous newspaper articles, and the questions Jane has been asked, it appears there is to be a widespread panic at the Domestic arts being portrayed in this book. Feminist outrage and all that stuff! Domestic arts seems to be seen as a pre-feminist activity , by certain people . I've not heard any men included in these discussions, nor have any been asked if they would buy this beautiful book. Looking at many blogs, post-feminist man seems just as acquainted with the domestic arts as women are. The domestic arts were not called such when I was small, they were hobbies to be encouraged, things to be enjoyed after school or work, they encouraged social occasions. My house was full of magazines on Cooking, Sewing, Knitting , Woodworking etc. People who couldn't make or do for themselves were looked down upon in our household , you were meant to be academic AND be able to knit a jumper, or bake some scones. Having a career and being domestic were NOT mutually exclusive to our family , one was meant to compliment the other.
Apparently two people on a regional radio show, had the temerity to discuss whether Janes' lifestyle was legitimate !! I really feel it is these sort of people who really do have too much time on their hands, and want to analyse everything to the nth degree. To quote Stephen Fry - "Can you imagine what happens to (TV/BOOK/THEATRE) critics when they die ? They meet St Peter at the Pearly gates and he asks them, what did you do with your life ? And the answer , well, I spent my life as a critic, criticising what other people did. You criticised what other people did, ?, St Peter answers , and you felt this was a worthwhile use of your life ?"


Midsummer night's knitter said...

No, no, no, no, no!!! You did NOT WIN - you PAID for two packs of silver thaw. Repeat after me ' I PAID for two packs of silver thaw'.


Anonymous said...

Here here! I think more of "us" should be answering back as the argument is all too one sided just now!


yvette said...

2 packs, well done, what are you going to knit?
As for the wool, I have no idea, something obscure, Scottish Blackface? the green, angora? or maybe wild haggi?

Flavaknits said...

India - LMAO - I love the ridiculousness of ebay - you win an auction and then you have to pay the money!
Yvette , got Silver Thaw no.9 and 13 - no.13 is for a sweater for my sisters' xmas , no.9 is for a cardi for ME!

yvette said...

Oh India, you are no fun, its not like its real money, you just push the buttons and its paid, easy!!!!

JudyMac said...

Owww Paypal.... :)))

On the yarn front, my guess is that the bright green yarn is mohair, and the wool is Bluefaced Leicester, it looks too shiney for Shetland.

tash said...

I'm lost, but it looks nice!

Enjoy CentreParcs, we went there in '04 (back in the day...!) and had a wild time with friends sharing a massive 7-bedroom "mini mansion" - it was fab!

Anna said...

Congratulations on your 100th blog. I've particularly enjoyed all your references to Doctor Who as it gives me an excuse to read bits of a knitting blog to my boyfriend!
As for the wool, I'm going to guess that the green is from a llama, because it seems suitably unusual, and that the cream is bluefaced leicester, as that's the only breed of sheep I know!

Poshyarns said...

Hear, hear, for academia while baking. Sounds like you grew up in a very healthy household and I love the Stephen Fry quote, I must try to remember that one.