Thursday, 25 October 2007

By the bonnie banks of Loch Lomond

A wonderful time was had at Loch Lomond on Sunday, and not even the dreadful cold I had could spoil it . The Golf course looks wonderful , and the views from the spa in the golf club were amazing, there is even a hot tub on the roof to give better views! The steam rooms had gorgeous aromatherapy scents wafting about , the menthol one was particularly good for my cold , and the showers sprayed water in different ways dependent on what button you pressed. Tropical rain , head massage , refreshing, invigorating etc. etc. Who knew you could get clean in so many different ways . The restaurant in the spa felt a bit strange, sitting eating in a (damp) bathrobe was not my idea of pleasure, so I waited to visit the clubhouse restaurant instead , after I was finished at the spa. It was very modern, but the feel was traditional with dark muted wallpaper and carpets, and big comfy chairs and sofas. The staff were very attentive , and the food was wonderful. A lovely anniversary gift indeed.
Back to the knitting... the pinwheel has a half sleeve now, a little added every day, but I have a deadline as want to wear it to the Iknit event on November 10th - just as well its Flavaknits night tonight. The back of the Rowan shortie cardi is just about finished, it is truly a joy to knit, cocoon is a wonderful yarn to knit with and I recommend it to anyone. Have persuaded DH that I could knit him a sweater for Christmas , so he has chosen Frost from the latest Rowan magazine, to be knitted in the black shade of cocoon. Might even get a beanie out of it too!
My sister has given me three options to choose from , for her Christmas gift , in the Noro yarn of course . It looks so colourful , I cant wait to get knitting with it and see how the different shades turn out. I will start the Christmas gifts at the beginning of November, so I have to plug away and try and finish some of my own knitting before that (only six more days, wonder what I'll get done in that time!)
We had a fabulous time at Center Parcs last week , with a day out midweek to Manchester to the MOSI, to see the Dr Who exhibition, and it was a big success. Junior came away with more Daleks and Jnr junior got a Cyberman toothbrush! The parents came away with lighter wallets! At Center Parcs we got to see the wildlife , only one red squirrel but plenty of birds , rabbits , and a Red Toadstool! We were also able to meet up with some friends whom we hadn't seen for a while. AND , the weather was great , all sunny but cool and surrounded by different coloured leaves.
Finally got the photo's onto the computer - here are a few!
Oh no ! its a Cyberman.
Help , my brothers about to be eaten by a huge spider - aracnoss!
A toadstool fit for a Brownie !
Beautiful Noro Silver Thaw
Gorgeous cocoon , Rowan shortie cardi under construction !
And finally - the pinwheel! I won't be missed in this on a dark winters morning. Its a sort of woolen equivalent of a light box to help SAD sufferers, the colours should keep up my spirits even on the bleakest of days .


tash said...

You have been busy. The Rowan looks heavenly and I'm waiting for inspiration (and cashflow) to enable me to start on Something Grander... Who knows what, I don't!

Love the Pinwheel, so colourful.

Have a lovely, cosy weekend :)

heather said...

Goodness you've got a lot on the go. I should think you'll finish your pinwheel no problem - hope you don't have the gauge issues that poor Elaine suffered from !