Thursday, 10 November 2011

The C word

After the Debbie Bliss Event , most of us went a little DB daft - buying up patterns and yarns of garments that suited us . It also brought up the C word , Christmas !

The garments I liked the most were knit up in the Riva yarn , a variegated chunky which feels like whipped air it's to soft . I have decided to gift the item I am knitting , and fortunately I don't see the recipient on a daily basis so it should knit up quickly .

I am also steaming ahead with my Karise shawl have completed one of the lace pattern repeats , its a lovely uncomplicated knit , good to take to the knitting group with .
Tonight I have my knitting group which I look forward to as it so much fun , it always ends up being quite .... bawdy ! But its very good for the soul too !


Francesca said...

I'd love to go to a knitting group and I know that someday I'll find the right one for me! Happy knitting....

Anonymous said...


I was looking for knitting/crochet workshops in the Inverclyde area and came across your blog. Enjoyed reading! I love FLAVA and I'm a singer songwriter. Used to get quite a lot of inspiration sitting looking out over the clyde.

Anyway, just thought I'd say hello. You can hear my music at

I've emailed Once A Sheep to see if there are any classes coming up.

All the best,


Flavaknits said...

Knitting Groups are fun Francesca , hope you find one soon! Mx

Thanks for the link to your website Yvonne - yes the views from Flava are gorgeous . Glad you enjoy the blog . The classes at Once a Sheep are super , I have one this week , which unfortunately is sold out . But there are lots coming up in the new year , maybe meet you at Once a Sheep sometime , Mx