Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Busy Times

Not content with having umpteen projects on the go , I plunged in and bought yarn to knit DS1 a Christmas Sweater . My DH and sons are not known for their love of the handknit garment , but I have made things for them that they do wear from time to time . I'm hoping I'm onto a winner here , as the sweater is stripy , knit in the softest yarn and is the colours of Gryffinfor House from Harry Potter .
He likes Harry Potter , and stripes , and hopefully will love the sweater . Its another Debbie Bliss pattern from her 9 to 5 knitting book of childrens' knits .
Fingers crossed I finish on time and he likes it .
Just now there is lots of organising for the Moorfoot Primary Parent Teacher Association Fund-raising events . The big one is our Christmas Shopping night this Thursday Evening , its very civilised with Bucks Fizz and nibbles , and wine and soft drinks served all evening . There are lots of tables selling gifts from local shops , Once a Sheep has got one too!
Oh , yes , I've also signed up to another OMA KAL (idea for a christmas gift here) , which is colourwork mitts .
Looks like I won't get much sleep for the next few weeks!

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Francesca said...

Oh, no you won't sleep for a months like this!!! And please don't even mention the words PTA fundraising, I'm learning it the hard way!!!