Friday, 23 September 2011

Go West !

Autumn is finally here , the leaves are changing colour and the storms keep blowing up . The temperature has definitely become cooler , it is time for the woollen knits to come out .
There are several birthdays soon , DS1 is almost 11 and my Dad is well over 11 !
Its difficult to know what to get for Parents these days . Not much is actually "needed" , and the "nice to have" they have in the plenty .
What he doesn't have is hand-made socks! Or rather handmade socks with gorgeous OMA yarn - Midnight Owl Merino with Bamboo (good for mens' feet as antibacterial)

Bought this yarn today - my good pal Rosie and I made our way to West Kilbride to Liliths' studio to visit our friend Ange who was shopsitting . Just lovely being surrounded by all that gorgeous yarn and fibre , the colours , the texture, the shiny and sparkly yarns , the soft and squishy fibre . There were a few folk who popped their heads round the door and a few other pals who popped by too , Jane and Gwen . It was lovely to see them in their home town.
And just down the street from the studio is the " Wee Deli " , which we visited for lunch . It does a fabulous Soup and Sandwich deal priced very reasonably , and it was delicious . If you are ever in West Kilbride I recommend you visit it too .
Back at the we had tea and cakes as we knitted and chatted , so relaxing and fun , a perfect day .
This is my latest knit , its for a Waldorf swap , and it will go West soon too. To the USA. Can you guess what it is ? Hopefully it will look like a Hedgehog soon as it's the wee Hedgehog from Ysoldas' Whimsical Little Knits 2 , and I am loving knitting it .
The body is knit on dpns , increasing every alternative row , the spines are knitted separately then knitted together with the body , such a clever construction . The body is Rico Merino aran , divine to knit with , and the spines are Debbie Bliss Glen yarn , an alpaca / merino mix . It feels very soft and cuddly. Hopefully the recipient will love it . I may need knit another one to keep as it is so cute .
Best get a move on so I can start the socks , these birthdays come too quick!


Francesca said...

I'll be the recipient, I shouldn't even look at your blog!!! Oh we'll love it and it will match part of a farm I knitted last Spring from Spud and Chloe at the farm....Your side of the swap should reach you very soon, I mailed it last Friday(I think, I have the receipt in my wallet). I hope, because I don't know your surname actually! Just let me know whether you get it or not, or I'll send you another one. Knitting is addictive, I keep wanting to add!!! Thank you in advance!

Vicki Knitorious said...

I visited West Kilbride (from the US) in the spring with my family -- stayed at a B&B there, daughters and I took a workshop from Lilith (in her old shop), and we ate at the Wee Deli! We had so much fun on that trip... I think I'm still glowing from happiness. Hope to return someday.

Flavaknits said...

So glad you had a lovely trip to Liliths - her new studio is just as magical , only bigger! Mx