Sunday, 23 January 2011

A secret to give away!

Last year Lilith of Old Maiden Aunt Fame made a request for mini-socks to decorate the Old Maiden Aunt Studio . So I rummaged about and found some odds and ends and knitted a few wee socks . Here is a link to a picture on Ravelry
I probably posted this bad photo before , but here are mine close up .
As a Thank You , Lilith sent us a wee discount to use in her shop , and there were some yarns that were too good to pass up on !
What I love about Liliths yarns , apart from the soft luxurious feel , is the saturation of colour , it is very rich but not quite solid , and it has a beautiful sheen .
As usual I know some of these yarns will be knitted up as gifts (so many birthdays in February!) , but some will be kept for ME ME ME!I can't say which yarn and what gifts I'll be making but watch this space .
This is the Alpaca/Silk/Cashmere 4ply and is called "Last nights Red Dress" , from the "I made you this mixtape collection" . It is such a rich warm colour and so silky soft .
And I wish there had been more of the alpaca/silk dk in this shade, its called "Seen the Ocean" and reminds me of when I finally saw the Pacific Ocean from California . Sadly there was only one available when I ordered - don't you just want to dive in?
It makes up for the fact I was unable to take part in this years yarn club (boo Hoo) , however I will just need to save up for when the yarns become available after the club , the colours are looking fabulous !
Talking of fabulous , there is wonderful pattern in the new Knitty that features Liliths yarn , the alpaca/silk dk in colourway Midnight - and the picture of the knitted yarn appears in the header too! Its a gorgeous pattern and one that I would love to try soon . In fact there are quite a few Knitty patterns that have caught my eye , but that one is a favourite!
Thank You for all the kind comments on my Middlefield Sweater , I love it so much , in fact I am wearing it right now . It may need to be surgically removed soon ! Hehehe!

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Wow. Those yarns looks incredible, I am consumed with jealousy!