Wednesday, 9 January 2013

January Blues

There was lots of bugs about over Christmas , my youngest having a particularly nasty virus with sky high temperatures. I had a cold that threatened to become something worse , and am still easily exhausted .
Christmas was lovely , and our Knitting Group Secret Santa and night out was superb. My sister even gave me a knitted gift of a leaf design scarf in manos yarn this year, which I adore .
Although feeling unwell , I did manage out on some gentle walks with DH while the children were with the Grandparents , that and plenty of rest help shift the awful cold/flu thing I had.
I always find January a bleak month , joyless , and particularly if recovering from illness , depressing. Lethargy and apathy set in , and when they take a rest , panic takes their place . It takes a huge amount of effort to tune out of negative emotions and tune in to positive ones .
In trying to be more positive , I am joining in our Knitting Group s AL , or finish- along. Although given the number of WIPS I have , this could backfire on me!
There are 22 days left in January , and I will be finishing my snowflake mitts and perhaps my purple alpaca socks . If I manage that I will pat myself on the back and start a new project in February!
By then I should feel a bit more positive .

Here is some projects I finished over Christmas.

Leaf beret hat and scarf , pattern from Ysolda' s Saturday Treats , handspun yarn from Secret Santa a couple of years ago .

And here are the beautiful flowers my friends at the knitting group have me for organizing Secret Santa .

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