Monday, 12 November 2012


Yesterday was Remembrance Sunday , and with two boys in uniformed organisations there would be at least one in the local Remembrance Sunday Parade and Service . Poppies were purchased by the dozen and STILL most got lost .
However , while the maturer among us were thinking deep thoughts , and feeling all very moved by the tragedy and sorrow of war , my two little angels
found this a wee bit difficult .

DS1 felt the Parade would be too long and cold , and interfere with his social activities , not realising that most of his friends would be there too! Three tee-shirts under his Scout Shirt didn't convince him he would be warm enough either , but I was trying to avoid the Michelin Man look , so that's all it was! "Why is is so cold on Remembrance Sunday?" , "Its November !!" said I .

"Whats the silence all about?" asked the youngest , having been taught for most of his life what it was about . "Its a bit boring!" he said . "Yes , darling , I am sure the poor soldiers getting shot to pieces remarked that it was boring too!!"

Its strange but that two minutes does seem like an eternity. A baby cries and has a dummy stuck in its mouth to sooth it , it doesn't work . Some joggers and cyclists pass by in brightly coloured gear , focused on their activity , giving the parade a backward glance . A toddler purloins a bag a sweeties from Daddys' pocket while he is deep in thought , and the Ex-Service Men and Women at the War Memorial look like living statues , immovable as the stone memorial they face . And an elderly lady squeezes the hand of her husband , who stares straight at the parade , and remembers a different day . The Town officials lay their wreaths , as do the uniformed organisations , all very solemn as it should be . The clergymen speak loud and clear in comforting tones , and even the National Anthem does not get carried off in the wind but sounds respectful .
And it is bitterly cold and beautiful. A beautiful remembrance.
The children are quiet afterwards as they drink their warming hot chocolate , and return to their normal activities .
A trip to the battle fields of Flanders for every school child ? Yes Mr Cameron , and hurry up about it!

Have started a great deal and finished not a lot , but progress is being made .
Started these Snowflake mittens in March , have ripped them out about 5 times now , but am progressing at last - did this while watching/listening to Operation Iceberg , super programme .

Also got back into spinning a bit more - here is some of my spun yarn - lovely merino/silk on left , merino/silk noil/angelina on spool and BFL on right .

Also managed a weaving class this month taught by the lovely ange of knit1girl1 blog , and made a moebius scarf . It was great fun , but the tension in my shoulders from the concentration , aarrgghh! Am being persuaded a bit more on the weaving , may try it out a bit more soon , especially the new techniques we were shown . Its great fun!

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