Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Knit weary , Blog weary

Sometimes , I slow down and get rather weary , its an effort to knit , its and effort to blog , and its an effort to bother about apostrophes too!
Its an effort to post on Ravelry , its an effort to go on Ravelry .
Life is missing its zing . A friend told me the Dutch name for it , I forget , but it basically means Spring Tiredness , or maybe its , hurry up Spring I am tired with all this Winter !
Had a lovely weekend visiting my friend in London just there , the weather was glorious , and I got to see my favourite museum ever , after the Kelvingrove . The Natural History Museum . Specifically went to see the Scott of the Antarctic , which was excellent and very busy . It was set up in a model of the Hut they built out in Antarctica , with various objects and letters displayed , along with some audio and video footage . Also there were lots of the original photo's taken by Scott and his team , as well as the maps they drew up of the areas they explored . All in all it was very enjoyable .
Have lots of knitting on the go just now , and seriously need to finish something to give me a boost . I have a 3/4 finished childs sweater , 1/2 pair of socks , 1/6 pair of mitts , and an 1/8 of a sweater . And I've joined in a KAL for a shawl - think I may have bitten off more than I can chew! I am aiming to finish the childs sweater soon , and I desperately need more socks so will charge ahead with them too . (Just a thought , I have finished two pairs of socks already , so thats not too bad. )
I've also made a few wee project bags , and hope to make a few more soon , I've really enjoyed getting bak into sewing . Perhaps that will be my key into Spring Joy!

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Francesca said...

I have too many things on my needles too and a bad hand(carpal tunnel, ouch)