Thursday, 12 January 2012


Everything feels a little slow just now , including me .
Slowly knitting DS1's sweater and hat , slowly knitting me socks .
Slowly sorting the house - or trying to get hold of tradesfolk to sort our disintegrating roof! Slowly painting the downstairs WC .
Slowly getting back to cooking proper meals ..... well! All I cook just now seems to taste bland .
Its just that time of year , my body is saying hibernate , but life is saying kick it up a gear .
Maybe its all to do with mt DNA !
Tonight though , is a bath , bed and a good book!

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Francesca said...

Ah a nice warm bath.... we had a nice snowy day here but tomorrow it promises to be freezing! I meant to write to you that James has been sleeping with Mrs Tiggywinkle since the day it arrived!!!!