Friday, 21 August 2009

Time Flies !

The last days of the school holidays just flew in , and soon it was time to wash and iron school uniforms and get DS2 prepared for starting school!
He just can't wait to go here , thought I had put the camera away , but , AHA , no .
Big Brother is a veteran of Primary school now , and the obligatory photo's at the start . DS2 is a bit fed up of all the fuss !
Off they went as happy as the proverbial larry ! DS1 likes his new MAN teacher . DS2 just likes school . So can't complain.
Managed to finish my Cookie A Sunshine socks this month , with yarn from my 2009 Sock KAL swap - NDS Dazzle sock yarn , just lovely and squishy and wonderful . Pattern is gorgeous too !
Now , I am on an official yarn diet (ahem..) so no yarn until Iknit , and then just a little. I need to knit up all my yarn stash before the moths try and eat it up!
So I came across a pattern in Twist Collective online magazine that I just adore - its this Vine Yoke Cardi designed by Ysolda Teague . I have two shades of New Lanark yarn that would be just perfect for this . AND it is knit in one piece , side to side , very clever .
Now this pattern for Anne Hansons gorgeous Fernfrost scarf I have been eyeing for a few weeks . Its a definite for some gifts and I want to knit one for me too . I just love how the design captures the patterns that Frost can make on windowpanes .
Its not quite scarf time yet - however the weather has been quite biblical , sudden heavy rains almost flooding the place (thank goodness we live UP a hill) , interspersed with glorious sunshine - except in Hamilton I hear ! I think the weather is trying to tell us to get knitting those warm clothes anyway , as it won't be long until Autumn . (In Scotland anyway , hehehehe!)

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Once A Sheep said...

They all looked so grown up on their first day and quite remarkably no-one cried, wonderful!

Those socks are seriously gorgeous and may be my next sock project!